Today i am dedicating some words to the newest child of the Tequila works dev studio. Some weeks ago they published their newest title Rime in the playstation store to play free of charge and so I downloaded it and had a try.  Next I wasn’t disappointed in any aspect.

The game plays like any first person perspectives without a difficult scala of controls to master. You get around with the Dualshock’s joystick and the four symbolized push buttons of the PS4-platform. You start the game left alone ashore of some uninhabited island as a young boy needing to find his way in these new surroundings. The game provides simple but beautiful graphics that makes you think of the earlier ‘The Journey’ game in a far corner of my memory. The young boy that remains nameless throughout the game has to walk, run and jump over a multitude of game scenery and needs to solve some ingenious puzzles that are layed out in a broad diversity. It’s not the most difficult of puzzle games that has been created but for some puzzles deep thought is required. No need to get the walkthrough immediately but there are some if you really get stuck in making progress.

Rime is the name of the game, not sure why, since the game is played without a elaborate tell-tale story, and you need to reserve a day or two to get through it. At the moment of writing I’ve finished the first world, and still have some work left to finish the game, but I can already recommend it if you get stuck or bored with the games you have on the ps4 platform. Of course there is a lot still out there, and so these are good times for gaming on any console. Rime adds a title for the future to keep an eye on, especially within the adventure genre, making you think of some of the good old sierra games we used to play back in the eighties and nineties.

Enjoy it and recommend it, or leave a message why not…

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Not many posts so far, but: every moment in multicultural history brings the world a new plan, idea or impulse. Possibly. Let them be beneficial to all kinds in the universe. A moment to learn, breathe or inspire. This week brings us the release of the latest games for the PS4. This is a game about … The review will follow one of these days if mail order delivery acts as it should. Those that are anxious to play as well, go, go to the ps4 store or go here.

Today I finished one of this months free PS plus games. It’s called The Journey and that’s what it is, one hell of a journey. A beautiful hell, though, with lots of different areas to wander around. The game is sort of a RPG-adventure, with a focus on travelling and discovering mostly since there are virtually no enemies to encounter and fight. The game’s stronghold is its visuals. The main character is a mysterious robed figure that walks around alone in mostly a deserted hilly world in search of an unknown goal. There is a multiplayer though, so at times you can encounter a fellow robed explorer here and there. There are a few puzzle-like scenes to be solved to keep going but mostly the game just needs to be enjoyed for it’s beauty in appearance and sound and music. Its not a big download as far as I can recall,  so definitely worth a try, and perhaps the games engine will be a start for a sequel with more content. I haven’t tried No Man’s Sky from August yet, but there might be similarities between the two games. The lack of content makes the game a low scoring appearance in cheesiness on cheesy reviews though, as far as cheesiness is of any importance. Still, well recommended for a small enjoyable and entertaining experience for all you gaming folks.